Does Divi use Google fonts?

Divi users now have access to hundreds of stylish and modern web fonts from the Google Fonts library. Every text module in Divi comes with a robust suite of text styling options that make it easy to select one of the available Google Fonts for your design. For an even better user experience, you can enter a unique Google API key so that your font options are automatically updated each time the library is refreshed!

Can I use divi for my clients?

If you’re looking for a way to create stunning websites for your clients, look no further than Divi! Our themes provide developers with a plethora of functional and aesthetically pleasing design options – perfect for making your clients’ projects truly special. No matter the need or style, you’ll be sure to find something great through our theme collection!

Who owns Divi?

Murali Divi is the pioneering mind behind Divi’s Labs, one of the most renowned producers of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) in the world today. The firm has made a name for itself since its establishment on October 4th, 202

What is the best WordPress theme?

It’s time to check out the top 30+30 best WordPress themes for 2022! First and foremost, there’s Divi. This highly versatile theme offers plenty of options for any type of website you may have in mind. Astra PRO is another popular choice; it comes with an incredibly fast loading time that will keep your website running smoothly. Generatepress Premium is a reliable option that promises to make your site load quickly on browsers. Neve, OceanWP and Ultra are other excellent choices for those looking for an efficient and attractive design solution. For more advanced features, you can also look into Extra Theme or Kadence. No matter what kind of website you need built, these themes will power it up in no time at all! Start exploring today so you can get ahead of the game as we arrive closer to 14 November 2022!

Where can I buy Divi theme?

To make sure you can access all of ElegantThemes’ amazing designs, there are two plans to choose from: the Yearly Access license for $89 or the Lifetime Access license for $24 Simply navigate to the website today and pick your favorite plan to enjoy until 23 March 2022!

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