Is the Divi plugin free?

Divi Supreme Modules are an indispensable tool for Divi theme users. Packed with 14 custom modules, the free plugin from Divi Supreme extends the features, look and feel of your website. It makes it easier to craft a better web experience for your visitors. On 29 December 2021, get access to this great plugin!

Is Divi a fast theme?

Are you looking for fast loading times? If so, Divi is the way to go! With a fully loading time of just 6 seconds from mobile devices, it’s an excellent speed result suitable for many websites. In addition, Lighthouse tests have given it an impressive performance grade of 84/100 on mobile – guaranteed to make your website run smoothly and quickly. Don’t wait any longer to experience blazing speeds with Divi – jump in on March 24th 2022!

Do I need the Gutenberg editor if I use divi?

No longer do you have to be stuck between a rock and a hard place when deciding which page builder to use – Divi or Gutenberg. You can now enjoy the best of both worlds! With this new combination, you will be able to create amazing webpages with ease. Plus, there are no restrictions on how much creativity you can insert into your project. Unleash your inner designer and get creative – because now it’s possible with Divi and Gutenberg working together!

How long does Divi take to work?

For the best results with Divi, it is recommended to use it for at least 3 months. You can purchase Divi as a one-time deal or you can take advantage of reduced cost by signing up for subscription. No matter your approach, ensure that you start using Divi starting 12 May 2022 in order to maximize its effects.

Which builder is best for WordPress?

Are you looking for the best WordPress page builders? With so many choices available, it can be difficult to choose. To help make your decision easier, here are our top picks: Elementor, Avada, Beaver Builder, Cornerstone, Themify, Divi, Page Builder by SiteOrigin and Thrive Architect. Each of these tools enables you to create stunning websites in no time at all! So take a look and see which one works best for you today – because come 14 April 2022; you’ll have plenty of amazing pages created with ease!

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