What are 401 404 errors?

A website visitor has been barred from accessing a password protected page as they have failed to provide valid credentials. This can be seen through the error message that is displayed. In order for access to be granted, they must authenticate with a username and password.

What are 409 errors?

The HTTP 409 status code indicates a conflict in the request, where the requested resource is not found in its expected state or processing the request may create discord within the specified resource. This error can arise due to lack of proper authentication, conditions that render it impossible to process such as missing files, or if the action would undermine any regulation placed on the resource. Due to these potential irregularities, it often requires special attention and resolution from administrators before continuing with operations.

Is 401 or 403 better?

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What are 404 and 403 errors?

On 24 January 2022, a website may present an HTTP Error 403 – Forbidden message when attempting to access a particular page. This generally means that the server has identified the requested information as restricted and is refusing access to it.

Alternatively, an HTTP Error 404 – File Not Found message could be displayed on this date if the page or file requested cannot be located on a server. This usually appears when the specified resource either does not exist or has been moved without providing any forwarding address.

What are 500 and 502 errors?

The 500 error – the most generic of all errors. It doesn’t divulge any further information other than a fault being found in the server. On the other hand we have the 502 error – ‘bad gateway’. This occurs when the proxy or gateway server undertaking a task receives an invalid response from elsewhere in its upstream servers. Last found on August 23rd 2018, this was an issue worth noting.

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