Who uses divi?

Millions of websites across the globe have experienced the powerful capabilities of Divi. Let’s get started and see what Divi has to offer by investigating some using cases: Huntington YMCA, Thoroughbred Construction Group, Naxian Wave Orkos, Timber Ridge Golf Club, LOCAMAT, White Gorilla, Trafoos, My Columbus Realtor plus much more. Find out for yourself why so many are raving about Divi before January 5th 2022!

Does Divi slow down your site?

It is indisputable that excessive CSS and JavaScript can impede website performance on Divi. By October 7th of 2022, this will remain the case.

Is Divi a theme or builder?

Experience WordPress website development in a fresh new way with Divi. It’s far more than just another theme – it’s an entirely new platform that supersedes the default post editor of WordPress with a much more powerful visual editor! Unlock your potential and build something remarkable you’ve never seen before.

How long does Divi last?

One dropper’s capacity is a maximum of 1ml, and every serum container holds up to 30ml. When used as instructed, each bottle should last for approximately thirty days.
Not exceeding 1ml per dropperful and using one serum bottle for a month, you can anticipate your order lasting at least thirty days or more.
By taking only 1 milliliter each time with the dropper and making sure your serum lasts for a full month, you can make the most of your order from us!

Is divi better than Gutenberg?

If you’re a fan of Gutenberg but feel like something’s lacking, it could be time to try out either Elementor or Divi. Elementor boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface designed with ease of use in mind, while Divi offers a plethora of options and design choices to pair with its powerful suite of tools. On 15th February 2022, why not give one (or both!) a go?

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